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Union Terminal is a ketogenic/paleo test kitchen on the Northeast corner of the Power and Light District.

Our first offering is Paleo Deli™. Focused around our proprietary sweet-potato based bread replacement and menu of molecularly enhanced aioli.

We’re in development on Noo Bar™, a reduced alcohol nootropic-infused cocktail offering. Open until 3am (even on Sunday).

Test kitchen - Wikipedia

test kitchen is a kitchen used for the process of developing new kinds of food. On the largest scale, they are run by the research and development departments of large companies in the food industry. Other test kitchens are owned by individuals who enjoy the craft of developing new recipes.


Currently offering non-vegan paleo preparations.


Sweet Potato Bread (made fresh daily) $7/12

Aioli $5/9 4oz/8oz





habenaro/blood orange

{paleo deli] - includes bread/aioli/protein/side

Coconut Curry Chicken (Indian) $14.00

60% fat (Coconut oil/Shatto Farm Butter)

15% protein (Chicken breast)

25% carbohydrate (sweet potatoe, red pepper, broccoli)

Pork Belly (bacon) /Shatto garlic mushroom curd $14.00

60% fat (Shatto farm cream/Olive Oil)

10% protein (Chicken breast)

20% carbohydrate (Sweet potato, shallot, garlic) 

Beef truffle Mac (Kansas City) $17.00

60% fat (Shatto farm butter/cream)

15% protein (Beef Tenderloin), parmigiano-reggiano)

25% carbohydrate (cauliflower crown)


Seasoned pistacio/Whipped Avacado Cream

90% fat (Shatto Farm cream/avacado)

5% protein (pistacios)

5% carbohydrate (fresh ground micro stevia leaf)



933 McGee St
Kansas City, MO 64106